Is it the end of an era for the Hollywood music scene or if not, then what is going on?

According to social media "Music is dead", but the question is, who?, why?, what? and when?

Recently it's been noticed that the careers of relatively new and upcoming artists are taking a toll for the worse. Fans are quickly stepping back and accusing celebrities of weird behaviour. Social media Tik-Tok influencers, youtubers, vloggers and podcasters warn something sinister has been happening in hollywood for a long time and even reference high end fashion brands as close associations.


So how did we get here? Why are celebrities queuing up in cancelled culture?

We've had a series of questionable events happening before our eyes, from Lil' Nas X's Devil Shoes launch (which contained a drop of human blood), to Beyonce's former dance captain Ashely Everett accusing Beyonce of voodoo and withcraft for fame and fortune. Speaking of Beyonce, while touring for her latest album RenaissanceLizzo has also been making headlines as her former back up dancers Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noelle Rodriguez accused her of fat-shaming and sexual misconduct in the workplace. The trio have offically filed a lawsuit against Lizzo. The 'About Damn Time' singer has taken it to social media to express her feelings. She quotes, "I'm hurt but I will not let the good work I've done in the world be overshadowed by this."

Whew! It's been a cruel summer... But hold on? Doja Cat's new album, 'Scarlet'. How far can artistic expression be taken before viewers feel uncomfy? - Social media has been back and forth with Doja Cat over 'strange' instagram posts. Doja poked fun at her followers by making illuminati jokes! The release of her new album has sparked a protest on twitter and over 180,000 followers have parted ways with the singer. Some even took it as far as deactivating their twitter accounts as a form of protest against what the media allows to reach viewers.

It's clear that social platforms are working overtime to get the word out. However, fans are wondering if the BALENCIAGA scandal has sparked a wave of influencers to dig deeper into the lives of celebrities behind closed doors or if trolls are spreading fake news for the sake of relevance, content and entertainment.

While fingers are being pointed at hollywood, accusing celebrites of satanic rituals and subliminal messages hidden in album covers and music videos, podcasters are on the rise. Sharing daily content, covering these topics and even encouraging unfollowings. Boy, oh boy! It seems like the opinion of influencers hold equal value to celebrities these days.


What do you think? Could influencers be onto something or are we giving them too much air time? Comment below.




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  • I think a bit of both. Influencers are onto something but people are also giving them too much air time. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Sorcha Williams on

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